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MHR proposes to support individuals with developmental disabilities and carry out the mission of Person Centered Planning by making sure that all individuals are being served by our agency in the way that they choose. Choice is a preferred preference and MHR will do all it takes to assist them with their wants. MHR wants to exercise their PCP that are individually designed to respond to the person’s needs and desires, as well as to reflect an appreciation of the individual’s unique personality. With the proper supports from staff, who are experienced and trained each individual can be presented with the opportunity to live, work, recreate and learn as valued members of the community.

Personal care services are to help patients stay in their own homes and communities rather than live in institutional settings, such as nursing homes. 

Clinicians visit your home to deliver customized, physician-prescribed care after a hospital stay, illness, or injury to help you rehabilitate and achieve your optimal level of independence

At MHR, we provide 24×7 Residential services. Our #1 priority is to get the best and quality Health Care for our clients. From Dietitian to Diabetes Educator, From Nurse to Specialized Doctors, MHR provides the best.

Care that’s always there

We are proud of all the services we offer, but even more important than what we do is how we do it. At MHR, we want our clients and their families to feel cared for and supported. We want them to be able to rely on us and live their lives to the fullest, with a sense of well-being, dignity, and trust. We believe our clients and their families deserve home care delivered with compassion, excellence, and reliability, our MHR core values. It’s what we call The MHR Way.


It’s an honor to serve our patients and their families with exceptional care and service. We are very proud of our clinical accomplishments, but clients’ praise is our highest reward.

The best-matched caregivers make all the difference

Relationships. That’s what makes our one-on-one care so special for clients and so rewarding for caregivers. At MHR, we take the time to learn about you, your interests, habits, preferences, and more to determine which caregiver not only has the skills and experience to meet your needs, but who would be a great fit personally. For many clients, their caregivers become like family, and that makes all the difference.


Mercy Healthcare Resources Inc. has been providing services since 2017, MHR has pride in providing excellent care in a friendly, safe, secure environment for a broad range of individuals with varying health and safety support needs. Clients are treated with respect and dignity.

Mercy Healthcare Resources Inc. (MHR), was established in August 2017. MHR has been working in the Baltimore area since then to offer persons with developmental disabilities, the elderly and others opportunities to grow through effective care, education and employment.

MHR is a multi-service, non-profit agency dedicated to helping people who wish to maintain dignity and an independent lifestyle within their community.




We have expertise in hospital-to-home transitions, recovery care and the management of chronic illnesses, helping individuals achieve their optimal levels of health wherever they call home.


Our dedicated Care Partners, personal care attendants, provide a range of care services, assisting with daily living tasks to help ensure independence at home.


Through dedicated, ongoing relationships with patients, families and physicians, we are committed to meeting the individual needs of each patient and family we serve.


For qualifying patients, our care management program will help oversee a network of care providers so that patients are able to recover at home with more confidence and less risk of another hospital stay.

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