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Yes. Each house has a land line to both make and receive calls. Residents are welcome to bring personal cell phones as part of their belongings.

Yes, tobacco smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas outside the homes.

Living at Mercy is just like living in your own home. You may bring décor and furniture to make your bedroom your own. You may bring your electronics, games, books, and other items you wish to have with you.

Yes. Here at Mercy, you will have free access to the internet via our network connection. E-mails and contacts from friends and families are very essential to staying connected; we encourage residents to maintain regular contact with family and friends via email or by phone. You may also bring your personal laptop or computer.

Yes. Letters, packages and anything that arrives for you will be delivered to your house daily. We may request packages be opened with a Behavioral Health Coach present for monitoring safety.

Yes. At Mercy, we value and respect our individual’s privacy. Everyone is entitled to their own room. Rooms are determined considering both availability, needs assessment, and personal preferences.

Each resident has a plan that outlines likes and dislikes to assist in the development of a daily structure supporting achievement of identified goals. Residents may participate in groups offered by Mercy in addition to continued education within the community.  Job placement can be a part of the program with regular work or volunteering. Just like at home, residents may come and go over the course of the day.

Here at Mercy, we love animals, but we are unable to have residents bring their own pets with them. Some residents may have allergies to particular types of animals and it would be very difficult to manage these allergies with animals residing inside the home. If you want to have a pet visit, this can be arranged.

Yes! The core element in shaping Mercy is our residents. Your voice is what helps us establish the way we build and improve upon your life at Mercy. Our programs are person-centered and we hold regular meetings to integrate your feedback. Residents are encouraged to take charge of daily routine duties of the house, working together in a team effort to provide for the needs of each other and to oversee their day-to-day chores, meal planning, trips to the grocery store, and more.  This is one of the many reasons Mercy is a unique program.

Upon referral, Mercy will schedule a meet and greet with family. The Intake Coordinator will then contact you over the phone to gather more information, answer questions, coordinate Admission Interview & Assessment, and review your application along with any necessary supporting documentation. All documents need to be submitted prior to the interview. 

Feel free to call our main office with any questions you might have. Our administrative staff will help guide you to the right person to answer any questions you may have.

Your length of stay will depend on your individual needs, goals and desires. Mercy is a 365 days program and offers the flexibility for individuals to use the program as a more permanent home.

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