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MHR services are based on a Person Centered Plan (PCP) that denotes a served person’s assessed and/or desired needs.
All MHR services can be related to the following categories.

Community Residential Services
Community Living - Group Home

The goal of the residential services program is to provide residential support services which address the preferences, strengths, abilities, needs and life span issues of the person served. Individuals of the residential program receive training in order to achieve greater independence. For more information, please contact Nneoma Amauwa, Residential Program Director, at (667) 344-8031.

Community Development Service

Mercy Healthcare Resources Inc. help individuals learn new skills and keep the skills they currently have related to their individual goals and outcomes. MHR will provide individuals with opportunities to engage in community based activities that support building social connections (capital), socialization, life-long learning, recreation, and personal development for the purpose of:

Personal Supports

Mercy Healthcare resources Inc.’s Personal Supports Services offer valuable services to individuals with intellectual disabilities who either live at home with their families or independently in the community. Guided by a Person Centered Plan that is developed for each program participant, the program offers choices and increased independence while encouraging productivity and shared community involvement. Through a variety of activities geared toward enhancing daily life-skills development, our primary focus is to help participants develop and maintain the highest level of independence possible in the most integrated setting. Staff develop supportive and productive relationships with program participants while encouraging and facilitating choice, self-direction, self-advocacy and natural supports.

Services are dynamic and adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of the individuals and their families, including but not limited to:

Respite Care Respite Care Services

Respite is a program that helps caregivers get a break from the care they provide a loved one.  This allows caregivers to be able to continue to do what they do, caring for a loved one.  They can use the respite hours for vacation, appointments they have, shopping, etc. Caregivers are reimbursed.  There are five respite care programs administered by Delmarva Community Services.  All programs require an application.  Please contact the respite office to see if you or your loved one qualifies for one of our programs.

Supported Living

MHR will provide participants with a variety of individualized services to support living independently in the community. Supported Living Services are individualized to the participant’s needs and interests as documented in the participant’s person-centered plan and must be delivered in a personalized manner. MHR will assists the participant to: 1) Learn self-direction and problem-solving related to performing activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living required for the participant to live independently; and 2) Engage in community-based activities of the participant’s choosing within the participant’s personal resources. MHR will ensure that the individual, live in a house or apartment of his or her choice located where he or she wants to live; and 2) Live with other participants or individuals of his or her choosing which do not include relatives, legal guardians, or legally responsible persons. Supported Living Services include assistance and facilitation with finding an apartment or home, roommates, and shared supports based on the participant’s preferences and choice; overseeing quality management; and performance in monitoring compliance with program requirements once the arrangement is established. Services may include up to 24 hours of support per day as specified in the Person-Centered Plan. Supported Living Services provide coordination, training, supports, and/or supervision as indicated in the person-centered plan.

Other Services

Housing Supports

Time-limited supports to help navigate housing opportunities. MHR will assist individuals, address or overcome barriers to housing; and secure and retain their own home.

Shared Living

MHR provides quality Shared Living Supports that emphasize the long-term sharing of lives, creating of caring households, and personal relationships between a participant and the Host Home. MHR ensures that Host Home is a real home for participant in which he or she has. MHR provides oversight, monitoring of host home for participants and coordination to ensure that participant is satisfy and have meaningful relationship. MHR will ensure that the home is safe and free from harm, has the support that he or she needs to take risks and to work and participate in community activities, that Home is a mutually agreed upon arrangement in which a couple or a family in the community share their home and the hosts and the participants share life’s experiences based on individual’s preferences and PCP.

Transportation Services

MHR provides quality transportation services to participants so they can access community activities in the community in response to needs identified in the participant’s person-centered plan. Mercy Healthcare Resources Inc. provides non-medical assistance, training and transport to a participant and the participant’s family caregiver, so the participant can access community activities in his or her own community in response to needs identified in the participant’s person-centered plan.

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